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We welcome Gibbs Taxis of Cupar who have now fully moved in and operational utilising one of our halls for storage and vehicle repair.


We have been having in talks with several clients south of the border and we are delighted that two more buses both Atlanteans will be joining us early next year. The first one is an Alexander Bodied AN68C/1R Ex-Lothian No.658, GSC658X. The second one is a Park Royal Roe Bodied AN68A/1R- O43/30F Ex-London & Country No. AN152, VPA152S. 

Also joining us on loan will be KPJ164W (No. 5737 Ex -Maidstone & District) another Park Royal Roe Bodied Leyland Atlantean AN68B/1R- O43/30F. This bus will visit us when AN152 is away for Events around England with her owner. 

Keeps your eyes peeled for the 3  beautiful buses next year. We are hoping to have at least 1 ready in time for show at events. 


ScotBus Preservation is expanding.....after discussions between our Chairman Dave Gove and a colleague south of the border we can proudly announce the launch of ENBus Preservation Group. The group will be based in Harwich, Essex. They are currently going through the process of obtaining their charity status. The goal is to run in a similar way ScotBus Preservation  Group. The location they are looking at is  the Old Harwich Ex-First Essex Bus Depot which is currently empty.  Plans are at an early stage, but you can find the group on Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram.


There have been some important developments over the weekend not just for ScotBus, but for the community of Cupar. We are delighted to announce new partnerships with both the Cupar & District Model Railway Club and the Fife Folks Museum. The Fife Folk Museum is only using storage for just now, but on open days they will be setting up exhibitions of their artefacts and taking part in our events. The Cupar & District Model Railway Club are setting up a full display in Prestonhall as well as storing their kits with us. We welcome both groups to the ScotBus family.

in the new year Cupar Heritage Museum will possibly be moving into one of our vacant rooms to use as a workshop area and set up displays.

Watch this space for more exciting partnerships to come in the future.

More buses & Green Godess arrive in

Cupar  over the last few days

Some more of the collection arrived today from Faraday St in Dundee to our new home in Cupar. These were Archie, 273, 954, V73DSN, 578, & finally LUS436Y.  Only Archie,578 & LUS436Y were driven over whilst the others still had to be recovered and transported over by our partners Newtyle Recovery. Also recovered and transported to Cupar was our Green Goddess Fire Engine.

The Edinburgh Zoo Bus has now arrived in her new home!

After an agonising lengthy time trying to arrange and organising to get the Zoo Bus an Alexander RL Bodied Volvo Olympian has now arrived at her new home in Cupar. She not some TLC but we are hopeful she will be ready in time for next year bus rally season. Also to arrive over the water from Dundee are Nessie, Archie, 276, The Bedford Fire Engine and the AEC Mercury/Merryweather turntable ladder Fire Engine. Soon to be joining are the remainder of the vehicles which are left at Faraday.

Sad News

Unfortunately it is with regret and after considerable discussion, we have come to the conclusion that A972ASX will be sent for scrap as she has been well and truly vandalised and robbed of vital internal parts and damaged inside. We also got a letter from the local Police Force asking us to get her moved. The good news however, is that we have salvaged the engine and the front grill. The engine will be transferred into our other Alexander bodied Volvo B10-55 Ailsa 273,  as her engine isn't very well and needs a complete strip and rebuild. Below are pictures of how she looked when she was first retired, her vandalised state and her departure to be recycled.

Our New Home

Scotbus Preservation Group are pleased to announce we have secured larger premises located in Cupar Fife at the old Prestonhall Depot. This will enable us to provide more storage space and also give us an opportunity to open to the public next summer and we will hopefully be able have a couple of open days etc...

Let's get the community of Cupar and the surrounding area involved as much as we now have better facilities for working on vehicles with pits,a bus wash and a ample car parking and a large events area.

We would like to say a very big thank you to Westport Property in Dundee who have helped us find a suitable location, working alongside Dave and Allan our Chairmen, to understand our needs.

If you know of anyone looking for indoor or outdoor storage please point them in our direction. 

Recent Arrival

Today seen the arrival of 1979 Tayside Regional Council Alexander Bodied Volvo B10-55 Ailsa.She joins for a 6 month storage. Here she is parked alongside her sister 273 and soon to be joined by 236 & 266

Recent Arrival

We are also pleased to announce that we have just found and purchased this rare vehicle. New between 1953 - 1956 this engine was mainly used for military emergency vehicles. The design is based on the Beford RL series military truck.  Her engine is a 4.9L 110bhp Petrol engine and she has a Longitudinal front engine and fully 4x4.

This engine was recalled to service in both 1977 & in 2002 where she had to be used in a special occasion and operated by the British armed forces during the Fire-Fighters Strike. 

Recent Repair Work

TMS403X Alexander Leyland Leopard suffered so minor damage whilst onsite and needed some repair work done to her. There was a repair plate used on her nearside  front lower corner edge from damage sustained many years ago. However after the plate got damaged ScotBus stepped in a did the repair onsite. The plate was removed and the fibre glass was the restored back to he former profile and she would have looked when new. then it was repainted back to the original colours of the bus. Doesn't the repair make her look complete again.