About us

What We Do

What we do at ScotBus Preservation Group is to utilise an empty industrial unit to provide leisure & recreational opportunities for the local community. Primarily, ScotBus Preservation group restores vintage to modern vehicles from cars, trucks, fire engines, and buses. We also provide storage facilities for all the vehicles as well as caravans and motorhomes; something that seems to be lacking in Fife. Since arriving at Prestonhall Depot in November we have been inundated with requests for storage of said items. We have also been engaging with several local organisations who wish to utilise the space to allow them to operate more efficiently and provide educational opportunities. With this growing interest in what we can offer, we have advertised in social media and around notice boards in Cupar and surrounding areas looking for volunteers of all ages to assist and to gain some work experience or just to learn something a new skill; something we can provide at Prestonhall Depot. Since the adverts were put up, we have been inundated with requests and we have taken on-board several local people based in Cupar to join and help with anything from administrative tasks through to hands on mechanical restoration and repair work. Once we have repaired and re painted the working ground pit, we will be able to show and provide our volunteers possible skills development that in turn could be transferred to paid employment elsewhere whilst still being a volunteer with us at ScotBus Preservation Group. The organisations we have been working with since arriving in Cupar are as follows:

  • Cupar & District Model Railway Club
  • Fife Folks Museum
  • Cupar Heritage Museum
  • Gibbs Taxi

We believe working with these and hopefully many more will provide opportunities for all our older and younger volunteers for social interaction as well as learning new things. I am a firm believer that this also helps and improves the mental health and well-being of everyone who is involved in this venture.

We, the main team at ScotBus Preservation Group, are all committed to providing a positive business model that is not only different to other preservation groups but is also very sustainable in the coming years.

These are ScotBus Preservation Group's key activities and central to these aims is preserving the past for the future generations,


As we are a charity, run by volunteers, we need to raise funds to help achieve our aims. This we intend to do by attending and creating events and other fundraising activities. In addition, every membership taken out and the fees from any vehicle stored with us helps us develop as an charitable organisation.

Get Involved

You can get involved as a volunteer in various capacities, including helping us run and organise events and attend shows across the country. Volunteering with us you could help you learn new  skills and gain work experience for future employment or career paths.

You can also become a member, paying a small fee each month that will again help us achieve our aims.